Artist: Shé
Album: Shimmy Shimmy with Shé
Website: http://www.munchkinmusic.net
Genre: Children’s (ages 5-13)
Sounds Like: ’80s pop, Motown
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10/10
Commercial Value: 9/10
Overall Talent Level: 9/10
Songwriting Skills: 8/10
Performance Skill: 9/10
Best Songs: This Little Light of Mine, Superhero, New Kid, Mom
CD Review: This charming, infectious album had me bopping from the beginning. It is fun for kids and quirky enough that a fun-loving parent can dig it, too. (The artist’s name, by the way, has an accent mark on the “e.”) The opener, “Shimmy Shimmy,” jumps off the disc, full of cool ‘80s-style synth organ and insistent drums. “When I Grow Up” has a nice soulful bounce to it and a positive message about the “so many possibilities” kids will have as adults. “Mom” is sweet and calypso-like, but with a blast of organ and guitar power chords in the instrumental break. The chorus is easy to sing with, too. Most of She’s songs absolutely crackle with energy – like “Ice Cream,” with its bubbly, catchy chorus and clever tempo changes. “Superhero” is perhaps my favorite, supercharged with pulsing Motown-style piano, a delightful chorus, and rich backing vocals. And the buoyant “New Kid” has that old-soul feel, too, and a timeless message about acceptance and making people welcome. Her take on the classic “This Little Light of Mine” is excellent, full of groovy guitar. In fact, one thing that makes this album stand out among kids’ releases is the attention paid to how well the instruments are played. She throws in some funk, too – the ‘80s dance-style “Shake It Baby” and the lyrically amusing, horn-filled “Elephant’s Foot.” I can envision a wacky dance based on “Elephant’s Foot.” The CD draws to a gentle close with the lightly percussive, end-of-the-day smooth “For the Children.” It is an uplifting end to a wonderful set of music kids can sing to, dance to, and enjoy along with the grownups in their lives.

-Chip Withrow – The Muse’s Muse (06/10/2008)

Hi Shé! We heard you in Vancouver at the Harmony Arts Festival this summer. My 2 1/2 yr old LOVES your new CD. We play it almost daily. We have hooked her playgroup on it. We are going to have a “Marching Band” birthday for her even. I am so excited to have your CD and we will definitely be buying more of your music. Thank you for making GREAT music. — PS When, I love you Mum comes on, my daughter runs to me and kisses and hugs me every time the chorus plays. It is the sweetest thing ever!

— L. Hyland, Mom (Atlanta, Georgia)

Hi Shé, I just wanted to thank you again for performing at our daughter’s birthday party on the weekend. It was so nice to have you sing for the children, and they were all just enthralled by you! You made it the perfect birthday party for her, and one we will always remember. With thanks,

— M Fong

Have your other album, (Shimmy Shimmy With Shé) and my son and daughter (Andrew and Katie) absolutely LOVE it. It goes wherever we go!! Can’t wait to get this one!! Thanks Shé!! “Jump up so high, now go down low, swing your hips baby too and fro!!” Ha!

— Andrea, Ontario

Thank you again for the wonderful performance from your #1 fan!!! I had a great time especially when you let me perform with you on stage!!! I look forward to learning all your new songs with my mummy and daddy!!!

— She’s #1 fan

We love it! It isn’t the least bit patronizing like so much music written for children. Finally, children’s music that adults will love. It is fun, intelligent and soulful. My 7 year old and I enjoyed singing and dancing from beginning to end. We laughed and hummed, sang and rocked. A really wonderful CD that I will not hesitate to recommend.

— F. Kirson, Mom, certified professional coach, former early childhood educator

Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you again for the fabulous performance you gave for our students last Thursday. You’re simply awesome! It was so great to have you here, and the kids all commented on how much fun and entertaining it was. You have a wonderful voice and a terrific way of interacting with the kids.

— C. Meisl, School Principal

From the opening drum beat, your CD has been a hit in the house. It’s a charming marvel.

— Michael Barnes, Grange Music

My son danced and swayed to it 3 times before we had to make him stop for dinner. Having listened to a ton of Raffi, Fred Penner, etc. over the last two years I have to say this is an excellent debut CD.

— D. Maycher, Father

Your CD is GREAT! The music is fun, catchy and high energy. A big thumbs up!

— Jessica Hotz (www.kidsvancouver.com), Mother of three

Your CD has been a real hit in our household. The kids ask repeatedly to have it played.

— D. Lyons, Father of two